Tunnel Rat

OAL: 10.38″
Blade length: 5.5″
60 +/-1 HRC
Black or Brown Stacked Leather and Micarta
Soldered Guard
Individually Serialized
Vertical or Cub Style Leather Sheath 
Only Available through our dealers

Historically, Tunnel Rats were troops whose diminutive size was their greatest advantage; their small stature allowed these intrepid warriors to infiltrate the extremely dangerous underground tunnel networks used by enemy forces. Such is the case, also, with the Vehement Knives Tunnel Rat. The 5.5” blade is smaller than the typical “survival knife”, yet the Tunnel Rat has proven to be an extremely capable survival/field tool. Classic styling cues give this design true Vehement nostalgic familiarity while our attention to detail expresses our commitment to reliable quality.   

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